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I am Laurent Bissara, priest of the Foreign Missions of Paris, sent ad vitam to India to bear witness to the poorest. Arrived in Calcutta in September 2018, I took over from Father Laborde (The City of Joy), founder in 1976 of the Howrah South Point (HSP) association, after nine years of sharing the lives of the poorest in a slum in Calcutta.

The HSP association's mission is to care for disabled children and the poorest. We are present in West Bengal, Howrah, Asansol, and Jalpaiguri with nine homes for a total of about five hundred children, ten schools that welcome nearly 2000 students, physiotherapy centers for disabled children, a health center where we welcome children sick with tuberculosis, four mobile dispensaries which provide care in places deprived of health structures to more than 45,000 people, a financial assistance program for the elderly, a program to help 500 young mothers from Howrah slums.

Rehabilitation Home of EPN
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